1. Shop window transeuropa can use information written with the help cookies for providing with supplied services on like the highest level.
  2. Files cookies it przedewszystkim text files which are being given shelter in the terminal unit of the user of this shop window and are intended to use it. Files cookies (so-called cookies) as a default a time of storing them on the device and a unique number contain the name of the shop window from which they come, - ID badge of the cookie.
  3. Files cookies can be used to the purpose:
    1. adaptations of contents of the shop window to the preference of the user and the optimization for her;
      przedewszystkim files cookies websites allow to recognize setting the user up and appropriately to show her - adapted for his needs;
    2. of creating statistics in order to improve the structure and the contents of the website;
    3. of holding of the session of the user the page,
    4. of presentation of advertisements on websites - np: in order to avoid the unnecessary presentation for the same person, taking into account the same advertisement and adapting the presentation of advertisements preferences of users;
    5. of information storage about activities performed by the user in inside the shop window
  4. Two types of files can be applied in frames of the shop window cookies: "session" and "permanent". Cookies "session" these are files temporary, stored in setting the user up until logging out, of leaving a website or closing the web browser. "Permanent" cookies are being stored in organising the user by the limited duration in inside the cookie file or until dismissing him by the user.
  5. A few types of files can be applied in frames of the shop window cookies:
    1. "compulsory" files cookies, files enabling using services available in frames of the shop window, e.g. for accrediting the user - log-on
    2. files being used to preserve the safety of the shop window,
    3. shop windows enabling the collection about the way of using websites - files "efficiency";
    4. "functional" - to the abandon some of placing and the personalization of the user interface, e.g. chosen tongue of a website
    5. files - "advertising", enabling delivering to users advertising contents more suitable for their interests;
  6. As a default the web browser by default allows storing files cookies in setting the user up. Users of the shop window can change placing at any moment concerning these files. Of placing can be changed above all this way in order to block the automatic service of files cookies through the web browser. More information about manners of the service of files cookies are available in placing the web browser.
  7. The operator is informing shop windows, that of restriction of the use of files cookies can influence some available functions in the cabinet.
  8. Files cookies websites placed in the web browser of the user can be used also through cooperating with the owner of the shop window - of advertisers